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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


News from ECHAMP

Reducing the need for antibiotics – the contribution of complementary and alternative medicine European Antibiotic Awareness Day on 18 November: New materials from EUROCAM put a spotlight on the role of CAM in reducing the problem of antimicrobial resistance. 16 Nov 2018
HMPWG consultation: Questions and Answers Document on the Quality of Homeopathic Medicinal Products (Q10) Your comments are requested on the new HMPWG consultation "Questions and Answers Document on the Quality of Homeopathic Medicinal Products (Q10)". ECHAMP’s deadline for comments is 31 October 2018. 18 Oct 2018
Following the debate: homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine Occasionally carefully researched, often misrepresented, homeopathy is never far from the limelight. Co-ordinated challenges to the sector are being countered by increasingly active campaigns from those who use and benefit from the medicines and therapies. Read on for our triannual round up of some of the key stories about homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine that have cropped up in the European media in recent months. 03 Oct 2018
ECHAMP Position Paper – Illegal pharmcovigilance requirements for registered homeopathic medicinal products A new position paper from ECHAMP outlines an irregular, inconsistent and illegal change in the pharmacovigilance obligations for manufacturers of homeopathic medicinal products in the EU. 21 Sep 2018
EU-Japanese mutual recognition agreement extends to homeopathic medicinal products Homeopathic medicinal products are now included in the range of medicines for which the European Union (EU) and Japan agree to recognise each other’s inspections of manufacturing sites. 21 Sep 2018
Australian report: Join the global campaign A new global campaign, ‘Release the First Report,’ invites the international community to put pressure on the Australian government to correct the mistake it made when the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) published its 2015 information paper on homeopathy. 06 Jul 2018
Reducing the need for antibiotics with CAM Scientists report that the contribution of CAM treatment strategies to reducing the use of antibiotics is promising and supported by an increasing amount of evidence. CAM treatments have a role to play in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections. 29 Jun 2018
Homeopathy: treatment observations, therapeutic goals and criteria for healing The annual conference of WissHom, the German Scientific Society for Homeopathy will discuss what is a realistic outcome of homeopathic treatment. 29 Jun 2018
Following the debate: homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine Homeopathy continues to hit the headlines in Europe and elsewhere, with more negative stories about homeopathy than usual in the media in the last few months, often based on incomplete or biased information. At the same time, in a number of countries, the homeopathic community is fighting back more openly, with active campaigns in UK, Australia, Germany and Sweden. Although the media is less inclined to cover the positive stories, in some cases the responses and campaigns are gaining traction. This month-by-month summary of recent news items includes both positive and negative stories, supported by useful background to give you the facts behind the headlines. 22 Jun 2018
Evaluation of the European Medicines Agency Fee System: public consultation ECHAMP will submit its answers to the public consultation on the Study supporting the Evaluation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Fee System. ECHAMP’s deadline for comments is 30 June 2018. 30 May 2018
Study confirms scientific status of anthroposophic medicine A new study, using criteria from contemporary philosophy of science, confirms the status of anthroposophic medicine as a scientific discipline. 29 May 2018
Judicial review to save homeopathy in the UK - update On the 1-4 May, a hearing was held in the judicial review of the NHS decision to publish guidance that homeopathic medicines should no longer be routinely prescribed by general practitioners. 08 May 2018
Stream ‘Just One Drop’ - this week only Last chance for a private viewing of the documentary, ‘Just One Drop’ – only available for private streaming until 10 May. 08 May 2018
Contribution of homeopathy: the case of antimicrobial resistance On 16 April, ECHAMP’s expert workshop, ‘Contribution of Homeopathy to Society and Patients: the case of antimicrobial resistance’, brought together the perspectives of public health, doctors, scientists and patients to consider the contribution complementary medicine, in particular homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine, can make to the growing public health threat of antimicrobial resistance. 23 Apr 2018
Doctors trained in complementary medicine prescribe fewer antibiotics A new review of the prescribing practices of 7,300 National Health Service general practice surgeries in the UK demonstrates that surgeries employing general practitioners additionally trained in complementary medicine have lower antibiotic prescribing rates. 23 Apr 2018
ECHAMP confirms Schmidt Nagel as new partner At its annual Membership Assembly in Marseille on 17 April, ECHAMP was pleased to welcome its first extraordinary partner, the homeopathic medicine company Schmidt Nagel from Switzerland. 19 Apr 2018
Legal challenge to UK health service on funding of homeopathic prescriptions The British Homeopathic Association is challenging the legal basis for new guidance from the national health service that homeopathic medicines should no longer be routinely prescribed in the UK. 13 Apr 2018
Treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis with anthroposophic medicine A new study on the treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis finds that for most patients who prefer treatment with anthroposophic medicine, satisfactory results can be achieved without the use of disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs and with lower use of corticosteroids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs than in conventional care. 26 Mar 2018
Advances in fundamental research in homeopathy Two newly published studies, funded by Homeopathy Research Institute, make an important contribution to the discussion regarding the mode of action of homeopathy. 26 Mar 2018
HMPWG consultations: quality questions and nosodes Your comments are requested on two new HMPWG consultations - the first on various open questions on the quality of homeopathic medicinal products and the second on clarification for application dossiers for homeopathic medicinal products containing nosodes. ECHAMP’s deadline for comments is 16 April 2018. 02 Mar 2018
HMPWG consultation: 4th List of Safe Dilutions he Homeopathic Medicinal Products Working Group (HMPWG) of the Heads of Medicines Agencies has opened a new consultation on a on the fourth list of Safe Dilutions. 19 Feb 2018
Following the debate: homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine Our regular round up of recent stories in the media from Europe and around the world confirms that the debate about homeopathy is still very much alive. From India to the UK, from United States to Spain, interest in homeopathy continues to hit the headlines. This article from ECHAMP provides a summary of recent news stories on homeopathy, with back up information and useful links to make sure you get the real facts in the debate. 13 Feb 2018
MEPs for CAM – next meeting 21st February The next meeting of the European Parliament Interest Group ‘MEPs for CAM’ will be held in the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday 21st February at 12:30. 05 Feb 2018
HMPWG consultation: 6th list of justified stocks HMPWG has opened a new consultation on a further list of stocks for which homeopathic use is justified. 02 Feb 2018
Consolidated list of justified stocks HMPWG has published a consolidated list of stocks for which homeopathic use is justified, incorporating into a single document the 5 lists published over the last four to five years. 17 Jan 2018
4th HRI conference, London 2019 HRI confirms the dates for its next International Homeopathy Research Conference and publishes presentations from Malta 2017. 17 Jan 2018
Spain: Commission seeks removal of restrictions on parallel imports of homeopathic medicines The European Commission has called on Spain to remove restrictions on parallel imports of homeopathic medicines. 15 Jan 2018
US: FDA draft guidance on homeopathic products The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposes a stricter enforcement policy on products labelled as homeopathic and marketed in the US. 15 Jan 2018
Sweden: frequently asked questions on homeopathy Homeopathy Research Institute frequently asked questions now available in Swedish as well as nine other languages. 15 Jan 2018
Slovenia: new law on CAM A new draft law will extend the regulation of the practice of complementary medicine in Slovenia. 15 Jan 2018