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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


New faces at DG SANTE

05 Feb 2016

Xavier Prats-Monné, the new Director General for Health and Food Safety at the European Commission, has initiated a major reshuffle of his Directorate DG SANTE. Many Heads of Unit and fonctionnaires have changed places and roles, including those in units of direct relevance to ECHAMP.

Andrzej Rys will continue to head up Directorate B, ‘Health systems, medical products and innovation.’ However Stefano Soro has been replaced  in Unit B4, ‘Medical products: quality, safety, innovation,’ by Dominik Schnichels. Unit B5, now re-named ‘Medicines: policy, authorisation and monitoring‘, previously headed by Sabine Jülicher, will now be led by Bob Vanhoorde.

ECHAMP is sending welcome letters to the new officials, introducing them to the main issues faced by our industry.